Peoples with fake smile and black heart

Life is too short to waste it over others to make them happy even if you try by all your heart to make them happy you couldn’t, so don’t try, let them live their life and you live yours, do whatever you want to do, find happiness in whatever way you find happiness in, your life is just your property so don’t let others ruin it, the way people take you,the way they think about you, let them do that.

Most of us waste all our time thinking about others, fill that empty space of your mind and kick them out from your brain you don’t have any extra time to waste on fake people, make yourself busy in something that makes you happy and leave the rest on god,

In this selfish world where everyone has their own benefits from others, they are using you taking your advantage they are not sincere or honest with you from their heart they got a fake smile on their faces with black heart, they are just thinking about themselves not yours,

So be the king of your kingdom and do what you wanna do, live for yourself, success will be yours and let others know that they cannot make you down, You are consistent with your future plans and you know this that one day you will beat them with your success and that’s the best revenge.


Why Depression is more worse in Western Countries

if you are wondering on the title that depression is even more worse in western countries like America, Europe, Australia then its True.

According to a study About 20 percent Americans suffers from clinical depression every year while in eastern cultures their ratio is 6-7.5 percent in which China, Japan and Pakistan and other Asian countries included

Then the question arise, why depression more strikes in western countries and in their cultures? There are some of the common causes of depression in western world

Peoples are working 24 hours and 7 days a week here then Stress, Anxiety and work pressure plays a vital role in developing depression.

You cannot work like a machine all time at work or at home, your brain needs time to refresh or i think the biggest cause of depression is loneliness, In Asian countries you are all time surrounded by your friends, families and relatives, you share everything with them they gives you advice, appreciation and inspiration in return that could help peoples to not to develop depression

Try 30 day Squats challenge to make butt bigger

One of my friend she came to my house, she was so worried, she told me that my husband is not satisfied with me, he want big body like big butt and legs what i can do as you know i am very skinny i am worried if he is gonna involve with any other women, Every time when i went to shopping with him i notice him looking at the other women, tell me if their is any thing that i could do?

You know what did i say, try 30 days squats challenge to make lower body posture bigger, she tried it and came to me very happy she said o it was a miracle exercise, i cannot believe, that it makes my butt and legs more bigger and wider, she gave a lot of prayers and she went.

So if you have same case try Squats challenge, But everything takes time so start with 20 squats a day and then increase and when you are at 100 squats a days you will feel the difference

Tip: Must take your photo before starting squats and then compare it with after squat challenge you will see a huge difference in before and after photograph.

Relationship hacks

Everyone wants perfect relationship if yours is not perfect i have very simple 3 easy tips to make your relationship better.

Tip no 1: Be consistent or you can say be patient with your relationship at this time you can find things messy but believe me it will be alright Everybody have problems with their relationship but that doesn’t mean to make them more worse instead of making them better

Tip no 2: Let that difficult time pass, Every wound need some time to heal so be patient and wait for the right time and when you get right time discuss your feelings and problems with your partner and hope for better solution, This way you two will come more close to each other with open heart to share what went wrong

Tip no 3: Always be positive towards your relationship tell your partner that you love him and cares about him and you have full faith on you and on your partner and on your relationship to make it more healthy and beautiful

Thank You!

What’s not Working

When we try to deal with difficult demand of today, what advice do we receive? we been told for hundreds of years to stay focused, work hard and be passionate right?

But is this advice really working?

Do you think so……..

No doubt this is popular, useful, positive advice but you can change your tomorrow by changing your today’s,

As there is a famous saying about it

If you always do what you’ve always done,

you’ll always get what you’ve always got!

How to heal sunburn fast

  1. Drink lots of water to replace fluid loss caused by the burn and to speed up the healing process.
  2. Gently apply a cool or cold compress or a cold damp towel on your skin for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Gently bathe in cool or tepid water to relieve pain.
  4. Apply Aloe Vera gell to sooth your skin

Tip: I usually use a wet towel with aloe Vera gell on my face at least for 15 minutes

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Is Food Allergy triggers your immune system


it started from 1st 6 month when i notice spots and itch on my skin, i worried a lot then i went to doctor he told he that it might be due to gluten sensitivity

i was not expecting that as in my family no body got gluten allergy i was shocked to know but i overcome this by just quit wheat and milk from my diet, Milk got the same protein so i start using lactose free milk and got better it was triggering my immune system and i got severe itch and rashes on my skin all over


if you are still eating gluten in your diet and got the same symptoms then you might need to go for food allergy test it could be food that triggers your immune system there are many options available in market that could help


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